molinello 25

Molinello 25
et voilà, my bathroom  becomes my Exclusive Private Spa

The bathroom is my little refuge where I cut out space for my well-being (…and where children don’t arrive!). It is the place where I take care of myself, where I cuddle myself in my bathrobe, where the flavour is that of Cotton and Amber resin of the face and body soap no. 6. It is an indispensable pleasure..

Top Quality

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Stylish Modern

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It’s wonderful to get lost

… in the enveloping Coffee candles or guess the Cotton fragrances of that diffuser, leave the scent of Amber resins on  the skin and follow the olfactory path that always takes me to dream.

Face & Body Soap

Scented and precious liquid soaps, ideal for gently cleansing  all skin types. Without paraben silicones, without sls, without synthetic dyes. Handcrafted  in the Republic of San Marino and made respecting  the skin and the environment. Available in 250 and 500 ml formats in Resin, Oud+ and Vitis vinifera fragrances. To be used every day or as a gift  in the classic, chic and essential packaging.

Perfume Diffuser

Available in 500 ml format and recognizable by the exclusive  cylindrical packaging, the perfume diffuser in the “Vecchia Farmacia” bottle  is accompanied by the classic black sticks and available in  Mediterranean Fig, Cotton, and grey Amber.  The 250 ml version comes in the classic postal package with stamp and string.. Both formats can be customized as request with Customer’s logo . Needless to say that these fragrances are entirely Made in Italy! It goes without saying that these perfumes are also entirely   Made in Italy!


Long lasting scented waxes in Mediterranean Fig, Cotton and grey Amber give life to a collection created to create an atmosphere in every room of the house. Each candle is produced by artisan perfumer in Italy and can be customized on request with the customer’s logo and in special fragrances.


Incense Natural

Small mix of scented incenses with natural essences in 33 cm sticks. Each box  is composed by 20 meditation and aromatherapy incenses and natural recovered Teak. comes with its own gift box. Scents: Citrus fruit, Moroccan rose, sea, moss, coffee.