cipì world

Project 2023

quarantottozero31 – CAPSULE

Timeless elegance and charm

he basins of this collection are meant to be style icons and worldwide ambassadors of the very concept of Made in Italy. Get ready to discover the contemporary side of neo-classical shapes: solid, bold lines match with unexpected hues and clear transparency. Venetian glass, the Parma art of crafting boxes, the Piedmont design, the communication plan conceived in Emilia-Romagna, a Bologna-inspired concept are the unique ingredients of these 100% Italian pieces. This twist in the design plot of Cipì is not just an aesthetic choice: the format of communication has changed but our distinctive passion for colours and material shapes has remained, inspiring our always out-of-the-ordinary style. Ideal for many, not for everyone, CIPI’ 48031 is a “Capsule” collection dedicated to those who know how to enjoy refined atmospheres and to rejoice in the beauty of small things, out of time.


“et voilà, my bathroom becomes my Exclusive Private Spa

The bathroom is my little refuge where I cut out space for my well-being (…and where children don’t arrive!). It is the place where I take care of myself, where I cuddle myself in my bathrobe, where the flavour is that of Cotton and Amber resin of the face and body soap no. 6. It is an indispensable pleasure..