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Naturalia Celebrates

Bathroom & Living Collection

Dedicated to those who are not afraid to swim “against the tide”…

Unpredictable and composite shapes, colors and materials… Porcelains and clays, Teak, glass, stone and metals, resins, give life to shapes and solutions beyond any comparison. The journey started a few years ago pervaded by mysterious and suggestive atmospheres, continues in this edition of Naturalia and the story continues through fantastic animals and unexpected transformations.

The collections for the bathroom

Shower World
Free-standing & hanging
Flavors and Cotton


The Joy of Bees

We can’t stop the party now! Celebrations of our first 20th anniversary started one year ago, acknowledging the transformations we went through during the last two decades by choosing a mesmerizing tiger for the cover of our catalogue. We want to end this year-long party with the release of a new chapter of the Naturalia saga, focusing on our consistency in celebrating the shape and textures of materials throughout these twenty years. The bee with its timeless elegance is the new spirit animal guiding us.

48031 Capsule Cipì

Venetian glass sinks and lights

Timeless elegance and charm, the basins of this collection are meant to be style icons and worldwide ambassadors of the very concept of Made in Italy.

Molinello 25

my bathroom becomes
my Exclusive Private Spa

… in the enveloping Coffee candles or guess the Cotton fragrances of that diffuser, leave the scent of Amber resins on the skin and follow the olfactory path that always takes me to dream.

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Download Catalog

On the Donwload page you can download the pdfs of all the collections in the “Naturalia Celebrities” catalog and the technical data sheets of the products


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